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Volunteer for Lunch Service

Monday – Friday, 10:15 am – 2 pm

Nourish bodies, minds, and hearts

Lunch is served every weekday, and requires 16 volunteers per shift (10:15AM – 2:00PM). When volunteers arrive, they’ll receive a brief orientation and training session. Each volunteer will then be assigned a role as part of our restaurant-style service. Volunteers can expect to be on their feet for the entire shift.

Sign Up for a Shift

We Need You!

The number of volunteers we ask for each day and the times we ask them to come in are intentional — we need everyone in order to ensure that our guests have access to the meals and services that they count on each day. Please arrive on time, and honor your commitment to the shift(s) you signed up for.

If you cannot make it, please cancel your slot online so that another volunteer can take your place.


If you’d like to talk to someone in the Volunteer Department, email volunteer@broadstreetlove.org
or call (215)-735-4847 x106.

Kitchen Takeover Series

Interested in participating as a guest chef?
Contact larryd@broadstreetlove.org.

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