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MAke a Difference

Every day, volunteers help Broad Street Love provide stabilizing social services to our guests — not just serving meals or sorting mail, but bringing the warmth of human connection to those who need it most.

Creating Connection and Community

Volunteers are essential to the work we do at Broad Street Love. Each day, 25-40 volunteers work as an extension of our staff to keep operations running smoothly. They are the driving force behind our programs, providing life-changing services and building meaningful relationships.

What to Expect

Our staff greets volunteers with the same Radical Hospitality that we show our guests. That’s because as volunteers, they become ambassadors of Radical Hospitality, offering an open, welcome, and safe space for our guests.

All volunteers receive on-site training, as well as an orientation at the beginning of their shift and a debrief at the end. Each one leaves with a better understanding of their impact on the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed for all of our weekday programming, including:

Meal Service

16 volunteers per shift, Mon-Fri, 10:15 am – 2 pm

Our daily meal is served restaurant-style, with guests seated and served at tables. Each volunteer will be assigned a role at the start of their shift, and should expect to be on their feet for the entire shift. 

Mail Service

4 volunteers per shift, Mon-Fri, 10:15 am – 2:30 pm

More than 5,000 people currently use Broad Street Love as their permanent mailing address. Volunteers help sort and distribute mail to guests, enabling them to receive important mail like birth certificates and social security checks, in addition to keeping in touch with loved ones.

Mail Phone Support

1 volunteer per shift, Mon-Fri, morning and afternoon shifts available Daily

Volunteers will field calls and return voicemails from guests about the status of their mail. This service allows guests to avoid making unnecessary trips to Broad Street Love, freeing up time to tackle other activities.

Clothing Boutique

4 volunteers per shift, Thursdays, 10:15 am – 2 pm

Our clothing boutique offers guests the opportunity to select clothes in a dignified, retail-like environment. Volunteers can act as personal shoppers for our guests, or assist in sorting, stocking, and updating our clothing inventory. 

Clothing Sorter

2 volunteers per shift, Wed-Thurs, 9 am – 11 am

Volunteers can assist in sorting and creating an inventory of clothing donations, ensuring that guests receive only the highest quality items that meet our standard of service.

Personal Care & HyGIeNe

4 volunteers per shift, Wednesdays, 10:15 am – 2 pm

Personal care & hygiene addresses the needs of our guests through care packages of essentials like soap, toothbrushes, underwear, socks, period products, etc. Volunteers can help to distribute these items through an ordering system that is both efficient and trauma-informed.

Individuals 14 and up, families, and groups of 5-16 are all welcome to volunteer. Visit our Volunteer Portal to view current openings on the calendar, sign up for an account, or schedule a shift.